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Practical Reminders on Renting a Car


Practical Reminders on Renting a Car

Need a car for vacation? You have a scheduled client meeting on a certain place? Renting a car assures ease and flexibility for any trip.

Whatever the situation, it’s important to know things to keep in mind before you book the car needed from the rental provider. Here are some practical reminders you can use upon renting a car.

Do early booking

Plan ahead of time and finalize what car you think is  suitable for your travel needs. Notify your chosen provider of car rental in the Philippines regarding the vehicle that you want to rent as soon as possible. It is more practical and you can save more with the discounts or packages given to early birds.

Prepare your own accessories

You can bring your own car seat accessories and improvise by using your phone for GPS and creating your own travel music playlist. Kids joining the travel will be needing things too. If you think that you will be in need of various accessories, it is better to bring your own to avoid additional cost.

Be knowledgeable with every renting detail

Read the fine prints and be sure that you have full understanding of the agreement. If there are details that are unclear to you, ask for it to be clarified. With this, you can avoid being blindsided with hidden charges.

Inspect upon pick up

Before using the rented car, check it thoroughly inside and out for anything that can possibly be considered damage before you drive away. Take a quick walk around the car and assess if there are problems both big and small. Scratches, scrapes, loose parts, and condition of the windows and mirrors for example should be reported immediately or you will be considered liable for these damages.

Return on time

Always keep in mind the exact schedule as to when you should return the rented car. Bringing it back to the car rental provider ahead of time, or later than what schedule is agreed upon, will oblige you to pay additional fees. If suddenly there is a change in drop-off time, ask the provider about the company policy regarding the matter.

May it be for leisure or for business, Anis Transport can provide you car rental in Manila that will be helpful so anyone can just focus on travelling or any task at hand.


Elina Brooks
05/10/2023 5:06 pm

I'll be in Watertown for a business meeting and a short vacation afterward at the end of May, so I was thinking of getting a rental car to make it easier for me to move around the city. I appreciate your advice when you told us to do an early booking when renting a car since it is more practical and we can avail of discount packages as well. I'll keep this in mind while I look for an auto rental company to get in touch with for a booking soon.

Elaina D'Agostino
04/19/2023 7:41 am

Thanks for your advice about checking the car for anything that could be considered damage before taking it. There was this one time when the car had a dent, and we didn't notice. It was a good thing the company knew it was already there and didn't charge us for it. But I'll be mindful of it this time because we're planning to rent a van for our family trip.

Ava M
11/17/2022 4:39 am

What caught my attention is when you said that you could be provided with discounts or packages when you plan and rent a car ahead of time. My brother will surely find this tip helpful because he is planning to rent an auto when he visits my place next month. He does not have a lot of credit history to consider, so I will ask him to follow your tips.

Marie Claire
10/18/2022 8:15 pm

Since our car is not fit for extended travel, we like to have a vehicle for the vacation we are planning next week with my sister. Thank you for sharing in your post the reminder on renting a car. I like when you said, Read the fine print and be sure you have a complete understanding of the agreement. If details are unclear to you, ask for them to be clarified.

Shammy P
09/01/2022 11:27 pm

You made a good point when you said that you won't have to deal with charges unknown to you if you read the fine print and have a full agreement with the provisions. My cousin mentioned last night over dinner his plan to rent a sports car before his 28th birthday on the 31st. I will ask him to consider your tips to make him well-informed about everything that he needs to know in renting a car.

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