9 Hours trip from manila !

March 28, 2015


Just for you! 5 lovely offers for day trips from Manila.

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1. Villa Escudero


This resort is actually a self-contained working coconut plantation and features a museum, bamboo rafts, a rural village tour and a restaurant underneath a waterfall.











2.  Pinatubo - Trek to a volcano


The volcano has awakened in 1991, after more than four decades it had been dormant. Today, the place is well known tourist attraction in the Philippines, and thousands of travelers visit the site every year. During the visit tourists also visit the Aeta village, the area natives, and have Puning Spa. Very special\treatments,such as volcanic mud treatments, facials volcanic mud, treatments with hot steaming and hot sand . Visiting the volcano is absolutely an amazing lifetime experience






3.  Hidden valey springs


If you are looking for a beautiful place where you can escape the city and relax, So Hidden Valley Springs in Alaminos, Laguna, is the ideal place for you.


This unique natural wonder hidden between spectacular Mount Makiling and Mount Banahaw, is home to natural springs, beautiful waterfalls and verdant rain forest with trees that are hundreds of years.   http://www.hiddenvalleysprings.com.ph




4.  Pagsanjan Falls


Another place that attracts visitors to the Philippines is the divine Pangsanjan Falls. Pangsanjan is a two to three hour drive only from Manila.

When you get there, first thing you have to do is to go to the Pagsanjan Falls, and that means taking canoe and sail on the river. After about half an hour to an hour of sailing up the river, get ready to wonder called Pangsanjan falls. These waterfalls are especially popular with those who seek adventure and those who want to see the true natural beauty Pangsanjan falls will never cease to amaze and surprise anyone who sees them for the first time.


This is a breathtaking experience. The falls are 91 feet high and are a great spot for swimming. Refreshing water will return to you the spirit of youth and will remove you from all hardships and worries that struck you recently. You can also find there are many sellers along the river that sell snacks and local food.







5.  Tagaytay - volcano surrounded by spectacular natural lake


Tagaytay is a relatively high destination, known especially thanks to the strong breeze and cool wind, especially around December and February. At a distance of only about two hours south of Manila you will reach the town                Tagaytay.

One of the main reasons to visit Tagaytay is to see the view from the Taal Volcano - a volcano with a wide crater, surrounded by Lake Taal. From every Hotel, Resort, Restaurant and even shop, you can see breathtaking view of the volcano.

Tagaytay is one of the most favorite destinations for anyone who comes from Manila






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